Thoughts on Magnum and Darkroom Printing


“Collectors and galleries still want prints on fiber paper—they just like the way it looks” 

Take a look at this article. Gives a little perspective, but specifically, check out the notes on these prints. Motivation to perfect as much as you can! The general takeaway, darkroom photo-making still has a place, but its becoming rarer. Take a moment to be thankful and relish such a great opportunity to create some beautiful prints in the darkroom, while we still have relatively easy access to one.

Celebrating Thanksgiving as an art student

Tomorrow starts our holiday break for Thanksgiving which gives us a momentary lapse from attending classes, allowing some of us to go home and see our families. Even if you aren’t able to go home this year, hopefully you will take the time to share a meal with a friend. I wanted to share this article with you, as even over break, I want you to keep up the good work.

Happy Thanksgiving! I am looking forward to seeing your progress upon returning.


Calls for Entry


Browse these and look for exhibition opportunities! Also, considering attending the Midwest SPE conference this fall or the National SPE conference in the spring. Both conferences include artist lectures, portfolio reviews, and a chance to get to know fellow photography educators and students. This is a great way to gain inspiration and exposure. This year, I will be attending the SW SPE which is taking place in Murfreesboro, TN, Oct. 2-5.

SPE calls for entry